Helping the Thief

burning-question-markThe other day I was reading Psalms 50:16-18a when I stopped short, feeling as if I’d been hit right between the eyes. Before I tell you why, I should confess a shortcoming. Occasionally, because I’m reading my Bible, praying, and not committing any heinous sins, I start feeling content in my own “righteousness.” As you know, a self-righteous person can be a real pain in the neck. Usually, a Scripture checks this type of irritating attitude before it gets out of control in my life. And that’s what happened the other day when I read Psalms 50:16-18a.

But God says to evil men: Recite my laws no longer and stop claiming my promises, for you have refused my discipline, disregarding my laws. . .”

At this point of my Bible reading, my self-righteous attitude kicked in. Almost without realizing it, I smiled smugly and mentally patted myself on the back for not being evil or disregarding God’s laws. I had just pictured myself as God’s “shining, over-achieving child” when I read the first part of verse 18.

“You see a thief and help him.”

cuffs-and-messageSuddenly, I felt as if I’d been struck by a bolt of lightning. Staring at the verse, I felt a wave of conviction from the Lord. Naturally—being me—I fought against the guilty feeling. Looking up at the ceiling, I protested loudly, “What are you talking about, Lord? Why am I feeling guilty? I’ve never helped a thief steal someone’s television set! As far as I know, I’ve never even met a thief!”

Instantly, John 10:10 came to mind: “The thief [the devil] comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I [Jesus] have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Immediately after I remembered the verse, I felt God speak deep down in my spirit. His voice wasn’t audible, but it was powerful. God simply said, “The devil has been stealing from you, and you have been helping him.”

thiefLeaning back in my chair, I gazed up at the ceiling. I felt stunned. Reviewing the last several weeks in my mind, I narrowed my eyes. I had been experiencing some difficulties, and when I prayed about them, I felt God’s peace assuring me that everything would be okay. But regardless of God’s assurances, I had been worrying about my circumstances. I had been running scenarios in my mind, trying to anticipate possible problems. I hadn’t been sleeping well, and I’d been spending my days feeling worried and tense.

God’s gentle voice said, “You’ve been helping the thief steal your peace.”

handcuffsFeeling ashamed, I had to admit it was true. Again my mind flashed back over the last several weeks. I realized that I’d allowed resentment toward an individual creep into my thinking. Although I knew bitterness was wrong, I’d been harboring hurt feelings.

God spoke, “You’ve been helping the thief destroy your relationship and steal your joy.”

Hiding my face in my hands, I whispered, “I’m sorry, God. I know you’re right. I’ve been helping the thief steal from me. What do I do now?”

At this point, I expected God to give some wonderful piece of advice. I expected to be directed to another Scripture verse. I expected—well, I’m not exactly sure what I expected, but I certainly didn’t expect what He said next.

God simply said, “Snap out of it, and stop it.”

Sitting there with a stunned expression on my face, I had to laugh. “Snap out of it, and stop it,” may not have been exactly what I was expecting to hear, but I had to admit that it resonated.

Standing to my feet, I nodded. From that moment on, I resolved not to allow the thief to steal my peace. The next time I started worrying about things I knew God had under control, I decided that I would give myself a mental shake and sing a hymn. And the next time I was tempted to feel angry and resentful, I decided that I would sit down and write ten things that I appreciated about the person who had offended me.

holding-the-sunA wise person once said that the best way to fight the devil is to do the opposite of what the devil wants you to do, and to do it with gusto. I think that advice goes hand-in-hand with what I felt God telling me to do. When the devil comes in the form of a sneaky thief, rather than blindly helping him steal—snap out of it, and stop it!

A Frog Named Fred


Dear Friends,

I witnessed something amazing a few weeks ago—something I can’t explain—and I want to tell you about it. The last few months have been difficult health-wise, and one day, I received disappointing news that made me sad. Anyway, toward evening that afternoon, I went outside to do my physical therapy exercises in the above-ground pool I’ve saved up to buy. There’s a little frog that lives by my pool, and he hops out to say hello every day. I’ve enjoyed looking for him, and I’ve named him Fred. That day, the pool’s ladder seemed especially heavy, and as I struggled to lift it over the pool’s side, I accidentally dropped it. I was horrified when I saw that it had landed on Fred. I quickly lifted it up, but the damage was done. Fred’s head and body were squashed flat and a puddle of blood about the size of a half dollar was pooling on the plastic tarp beneath him. I felt terrible. As I walked back to the house to get a shovel to clean up the mess, I moaned, “God, I didn’t mean to kill a frog.” A minute later, when I got back to the pool, I saw something amazing. Fred was sitting up. More amazing still, the puddle of blood had vanished. I couldn’t find a trace of blood on the plastic tarp or the ladder. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I bent close to look, I saw Fred’s body puff out and expand like a blown-up balloon. I bent closer, wondering if my eyes were playing tricks. Then Fred jumped. It nearly scared the life out of me. He jumped a few more steps. One of his legs was still bent and broken, and as I watched, it straightened. Like a champ, he began to jump down the length of the plastic. I chased after him. When he came to the edge of the tarp, I herded him back and watched him jump the length two more times. As I watched Fred jump into the flowers, I heard God’s silent, still voice deep inside my spirit. He simply said, “If I take care of sparrows, and I take care of frogs, don’t you think I will take care of you?” At his words, a shock wave rolled through my body. Just then, a giant blue dragonfly flew by. (Go to the “My Testimony” category or my welcome page to understand the significance).

Friends, I don’t understand why things happen as they do, but there’s one thing I know—God sees what we’re going through. He knows all of our hurts, and fears, and disappointments, and worries. And HE LOVES US. He loves us so very much. Let me say it again! GOD—the Creator of the Universe—LOVES US! He KNOWS where we are and what we’re facing. And He UNDERSTANDS. And HE CARES!!! What exciting news!!! What a marvelous truth!!! Now, why did God heal a frog, and I’m still struggling with health issues? I don’t know. But I do know that everything is going to be okay. I watched a miracle unfold with Fred. Blood doesn’t just disappear on a plastic tarp. I can’t explain what I saw, and it sounds extremely silly, but it happened, and God used it to wipe away my worry and fears.