Like A Calf Let Out To Pasture

calf-1When I was growing up, I used to feed calves on my family’s dairy farm. When the calves reached a certain age, they were put out on pasture. The calves used to kick up their heels and leap for joy when they were released from their pens. I had so much fun watching them! Pasture day was a celebration!

As you know, I was ill for many years, and in quarantine for seven. And lately, I’ve been thinking about my calf-feeding days. When the calves were released from their captivity, their joy knew no bounds. I’m emerging from years of illness, and today, I want to express my thankfulness to the Lord!

Thank you, Lord, for staying close to me while I was in pain! Thank you, Lord, for encouraging me when I was discouraged! Thank you, Lord, for giving me wisdom and strength during the dark days! Thank you, Lord, for protecting me from further harm! Thank you, Lord, for forgiving me when I had a bad attitude! And thank you, Lord, for always loving me!

Friends, if you’re facing a battle today, look out from your prison of pain and gaze at the rolling pasture beyond your gate. The day WILL come when your trial ends and you’re led out to green fields. Pain NEVER last forever. Discouragement ALWAYS comes to an end. Nothing stays bad forever. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!


pastureSlowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!” Habakkuk 2:3b

But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.” Malachi 4:2



10 thoughts on “Like A Calf Let Out To Pasture

  1. What an uplifting blog. I needed this! Makes me want to grab my camera and hit the back country roads to capture the glorious wonder of His creation. But I think I’ll clean house and refuse to turn on the TV or radio instead…and just be thankful I have a house to clean and the time and energy to accomplish the task!

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    1. Dear DiAne, you make me smile! I hope your housecleaning goes well today. 🙂 I also hope that you get a chance to hit the back country roads with your camera. I love seeing your photographs. They’re always incredibly lovely. Have a great day, my friend! Thanks for commenting! ❤ 🙂


    1. Dear Anita, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post! And thanks for your lovely well-wishes. 🙂 I especially enjoyed the “graceful” notation. LOL!! You know me too well!!! When I try to kick up my heels, I trip over my feet. LOL!!! I have to admit that your comment made me smile and laugh! Thanks for the chuckle! ❤ 🙂 Have a terrific day!


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