Lost in a Cornfield

cornfieldWhen I was a little girl, I went for a walk with my father on our farm. As I held my dad’s hand, I skipped joyfully along, keeping up with his long stride. It was a beautiful day, and as we walked, Dad showed me ladybugs crawling up a plant, pretty flowers, and a hawk wheeling in the sky. He pointed at some raccoon tracks and laughed about how the prints resembled little hands. Dad made everything fun. Nothing was better than a walk with my father.

corn-2Dad wanted to check our corn crop, so we turned away from the clear, open path and entered a field. The corn was incredibly tall—it was even higher than my father’s head. The air in the field felt humid—almost suffocating. The thick, green leaves made squeaking, rustling sounds as we brushed past the stalks. I didn’t like the leaves; they seemed to enjoy slapping me in the face. The ground between the rows was uneven, and walking was difficult. The corn was so high that it seemed to block the sun. I could hear the hawk, but I couldn’t see it anymore. I couldn’t see anything but endless green and a little patch of blue.

As I stumbled along beside my father, I decided that I didn’t like cornfields. I wanted to go back. Looking over my shoulder, I gasped. I couldn’t see the open path anymore. I couldn’t see anything but cornstalks. Corn was behind me. Corn was in front of me. Corn was to the right and left of me. I was surround by corn, and I didn’t know how to get out of the field! Instantly, I panicked.

“Daddy!” I wailed. “We’re lost!”

corn-3Smiling, my father squeezed my hand and said gently, “I know exactly where we are. And I know exactly how to get us through this field. You aren’t lost—you’re with me.”

That day, my father’s calming words took my fear away. And those words have resonated throughout my life on a spiritual level. Today, when I face uncertain times and problems seem higher than my head, I remember that I’m not alone. My Heavenly Father is walking beside me, holding my hand. And just like my earthly father long ago, He gently quiets my fears by saying, “You aren’t lost—you’re with me.”


corn-1“Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed. I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will uphold you with My victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10



16 thoughts on “Lost in a Cornfield

  1. Daddy-daughter time should always be precious! I love Tennessee Ernie’s recording of “Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul. In the stillness of the evening, precious sacred scenes unfold.”

    How blessed we are to have those precious memories of our earthly fathers, and how much our Father in Heaven has taught us from those memories. But the memories of times with Him, times, like you said, “…uncertain times and problems seem higher than my head, I remember that I’m not alone. My Heavenly Father is walking beside me, holding my hand.”

    Thank you, Lord, and thank you Danele for sharing this precious memory. ❤

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