Quiet Times

leaves 12Before my illness struck, I used to run around in a thousand different directions trying to do hundreds of things all at once. I was busy, happy, and focused. I felt like I had a handle on the world and that anything was possible. Then I became ill, and I was put into quarantine. I could only talk to friends and extended family through a closed window. I had to be constantly vigilant about my health. The restrictions were enormous. Suddenly, all of the outside noise from the world ended. Suddenly, all of my IMPORTANT projects were suspended. The culture shock was unimaginable. The life I used to live…just stopped.

dandelionMy first year of quarantine was a nightmarish blur. I don’t really remember much about it. I was extremely ill, and I was struggling with adjustments. By my second year, cabin fever really hit me hard. I know that “quarantine” is difficult for some people to grasp, so let me spell it out for you. I had to quit my job. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t go to church. I couldn’t go to stores. I couldn’t go to restaurants. I couldn’t go to the movies. I couldn’t go out with friends. Most of the time, I couldn’t even leave my house to go to the mailbox. If a neighbor was running their dryer or mowing their lawn, I couldn’t go outside. If a ditch was being burned, or a field was being sprayed, or if the air was too smoggy, I had to stay inside my home. I spent lots of time with my nose pressed up against the glass watching the world pass by. It wasn’t exactly fun–and sometimes, I felt like I was going to go crazy!

waterfall 11So what did I do? The first year, I focused on survival. The second, I went a little nuts and threw all kinds of temper fits directed at God. But gradually, I began adjusting to my new lifestyle. I began studying Scripture, memorizing verses, and writing novels. As the years passed, I began appreciating the silence and the peace of quarantine. I began realizing that happiness could be found—even in the midst of tragedy. For hours at a time, I would sit in chair and just listen to what I felt God was saying to me. I began discovering the blessing hidden in the quiet.

sea gullI was in quarantine for seven years. Eventually, my health recovered to the point where I could take “field trips” and visit stores. One of the things that shocked me was the sheer volume of noise. I can remember walking into Walmart and clutching my hands over my ears. It felt like I was being bombarded by sound. All around me, people were talking and laughing, and above all their clamor, canned music was playing. The intensity of the sound made me nauseous. When I went to restaurants, I had to make sure my seat was facing the wall—watching the movement of people in conjunction with the high volume of sound would bring on a migraine. After seven years of sensory deprivation, it was difficult to readjust to movement, noise, and extra stimulation. But as time passed, I slowly adjusted. I began enjoying the noise and excitement again. It felt like I’d been asleep for a long time, and I was suddenly awakening to life! It was wonderful!

butterflyI still have some health issues, and I’m not completely integrated into my old lifestyle yet, but each day, I’m getting better. As I continue to recover, I’m trying to take the lessons I learned during quarantine with me. And one of the most important lessons is that although the world can be exciting, taking time out to enjoy quiet times can be a blessing. I never want to forget that in complete silence comes the greatest sound of all—the whisper of God telling me that He loves me and that everything is going to be okay. I never want to get so busy and enamored with “noise” that I forget the simple beauty of peace.


Ocean at sunset 2“In quietness and confidence is your strength.” – Isaiah 30:15b (Living Bible)



10 thoughts on “Quiet Times

  1. Ann Ellison

    Another wonderful post. I love reading the things that you have learned through the hard times. God does seem to teach us more of His truths during those times. I am blessed to be at the stage in my life where I am not as busy and have more of that quiet time.

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    1. I agree, Janice–quietness can be such an incredible blessing. I will never forget those lovely hours curled up in my chair just listening to God speak in the silence. Thank you for your lovely comment! I hope you have a terrific day!


  2. Renette Steele

    Thank you once again Danele, for sharing with us a great lesson.
    When I retired the quiet and loneliness drove me crazy, like you I am learning it is a blessing and now the chaos I used to know with raising my four kids is a bit overwhelming. Not that i don’t still love having them and their kids all around.
    The loud thunder, he was not there, the wind, he was not there, the rushing water, he was not there. He got still and in the whisper he heard him. (paraphrased by me)

    Thanks again for sharing.
    Praying for continued healing to complete restored health.
    Love and Hugs

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    1. Dear Renette, thank you for your beautiful comment. I love the passage you quoted from 1 Kings 19:11-13. I used to think about those Scriptures a lot while I was in quarantine. There’s something quite wonderful about the fact that God can come to us in a gentle whisper. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your prayers! I appreciate you!


  3. Kelly De Lance

    Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us! What a testament to the Stregnth that you found in the Lord and His Truth in the Word. I am learning to Praise and PRAY Through it All! Be Blessed and know that you are Loved! With warm appreciation.

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    1. Dear Kelly, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this article! God is truly amazing! I know that I couldn’t have gotten through my illness and quarantine without Him. And you are right–prayer and praise is the way through hardship. Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely message. Your blessing and kind words mean a lot to me! I hope you have a lovely day! ❤


  4. Coleen

    Thank you my friend, you did it again. Your words went straight to my heart. In my 8 years of chronic health issues, I too have heard and seen our FATHER with eyes, ears and heart I may not have experienced beforehand. I have certainly found out just how much HE loves me and cares for me. That was hard for me for a long time. I pray for your continued improvement health wise and blessings that you continue to write and inspire us. I praise GOD for you. You are a blessing!

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    1. Dear Coleen, I’m so glad that this article blessed you! Your comment certainly blessed me! Thank you for your prayers. ❤ I will be praying for you too! I love how the Lord brings people together. There is such power when we stand united in prayer. Thank you for being such a wonderful blessing! I hope you have a terrific day!


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