Carlene Havel #2–Author Interview

Carlene Havel

Dear Friends, I feel very honored to have Christian author, Carlene Havel, back on my blog. Carlene is such an incredible person! She has a strong faith in God and an extremely kind heart. She also has a fun sense of humor that always makes me smile. There have been times when Carlene has stood with me in prayer, and I feel not only friendship for her—but also a deep, deep respect. She is a person of quality.


Danele: Hello, Carlene! I’m so glad that you’re with us today!

Carlene: Thank you, Danele.  It’s always a pleasure to chat with you!

Danele: The pleasure is all mine! I’m eager to learn more about you. Can you tell us how being a Christian has influenced your writing?

Carlene: I am blessed to be a follower of Jesus Christ. My ambition is for Him to be a powerful, pervasive influence in everything I say, think, or do.  I am convinced that whatever resides in the heart always flows outward in every aspect of life—in written as well as spoken words. For me, authentic Christianity becomes who we are.

Danele: Wow! That’s so true. Carlene, there are so many people hurting in this world. What would you like to say to them?

Carlene: Jesus invites everyone who is hurting (those who “labor and are heavy laden”) to come to Him.  He will give you rest.  He is the answer for every unfair, harmful, painful thing you have or will endure.  I wish we could sit and sip lemonade or coffee and talk about this for the rest of the day.

Danele: I really love how Jesus takes our burdens and gives us peace.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as God’s rest. Now, before I let you go, can you give us a list of the books you have written?

Carlene: Sure! A Hero’s Homecoming, A Sharecropper Christmas, Baxter Road Miracle, The Scarlet Cord, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, and Evidence Not Seen.

Danele: Evidence Not Seen is your newest release, isn’t it? Can you tell us more about it?

Carlene: Evidence Not Seen is a short novel, inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:5, “Love keeps no record of wrongs.” As soon as Joan Alley, Prism Book Group’s editor-in-chief, put forth the premise of the “Love Is” series, the outline of this story took me prisoner!

Danele: Can you give us a description of your book?

Carlene: Although attorney Jeff Galloway’s career is in high gear, his personal life is a mess. Just before his father returns home from a 27-year stretch in prison, his girlfriend dumps him. When a chance encounter begins to blossom into new romance, softhearted Melanie Clark encourages Jeff to find a way to forgive his father’s long absence.

The intertwined themes of the story, set in 1980, are romance and mystery.  Jeff really wants to forget his father’s misdeeds and have a good relationship with him, but he can’t get over the hardships he and his mother faced while his dad was in prison. Falling in love with Melanie turns everything upside down, helping Jeff view things from a fresh perspective.  Since his mother has always maintained his father’s innocence, Jeff decides to do some amateur sleuthing.  In doing so, he encounters Otto Schmidt (my all-time favorite character), a curmudgeonly retired police detective who loves to play mind games and leads Jeff to a stunning conclusion.

Danele: That sounds really interesting, Carlene! I’ve read several of your books, and I’ve enjoyed them all. Can you give us purchasing information for Evidence Not Seen?

Carlene: Sure! Evidence Not Seen can be purchased through Amazon, and it is free to members of Amazon Prime.

Danele: Carlene, it’s been such a joy talking with you today! Thanks for sharing your heart with my readers!

Carlene: It has been my extreme pleasure, Danele. Thank you for the opportunity to be here.


Friends, Carlene is absolutely TERRIFIC!! You couldn’t meet a kinder, more genuine person! If you would like to learn more about Carlene or her books, please follow the links below. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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