The Wait is Finally Over!!! Time Trap Releases Today!!!

Time Trap

It’s finally here! Today is Time Trap’s release day, and I couldn’t be more excited! Time Trap is the second book in The Time Counselor Chronicles. The characters you love from Time Tsunami are back, and they are facing a new enemy!


yellow burstDescription of Time Trap:

Time Trap is squeaky-clean Christian fiction with a time travel twist. The story doesn’t contain any swear words or sex scenes. You can buy my book with confidence knowing that you are getting a “clean” read. Time Trap is also full of suspense. Plot twists abound, and the action has been engineered to keep you on the edge of your seat. I had so much fun creating Time Trap! I included cryptograms and clues that you can solve right along with the characters. The story also contains romance, comedy, and religious discussions. If you enjoyed Time Tsunami, I know you will love Time Trap! I’m extremely excited about this book! I had so much fun writing it—I hope you have just as much fun reading it!


firework portalTime Trap’s Back Cover Blurb:

When problems arise during a field exam, Director Peter Matthews and Dr. Laura Nelson are sent through a time portal to investigate.  While they search for their missing cadets, they encounter an enemy who is calculating and brutal—a mysterious nemesis who is holding a grudge against the TEMCO program.  As Peter and Laura race to unravel clues directing them to their kidnapped cadets, their own survival comes into question.  A deadly trap has been set, and they are forced to pit their wits against a serial killer who is intent on playing a deadly chess game through time itself.


yellow moonExcerpt from Time Trap:

Light pierced the darkness as the door to Peter and Laura’s prison swung open. In the quiet stillness, Peter stood in the shadows gripping his wire with both hands. Spider, wearing a ski mask and steel-toed boots, put a brick in the doorway and slowly advanced. Muted light shimmered on the barrel of a gun.

Peter began to sweat—his whole body quivered with the strain of waiting. He knew that with a gun in the mix, he needed to get the wire around Spider’s neck on the first try.

Spider laughed lowly as light fell on Laura. Seeing the way he was advancing toward her, Peter lunged from behind the door and wound his wire around Spider’s throat. Spider gave a strangled bellow and began to struggle. Peter grappled with him, dragging his thrashing body away from Laura. Suddenly, Spider’s gun went off. A bullet ricocheted around the room.

“Laura,” Peter shouted frantically, “get down on the floor!”

Laura dove to the ground as the gun went off again.

Spider made horrible gurgling noises as Peter tightened the wire. Peter knew those sounds were going to haunt his dreams. Spider shoved his gun over his shoulder, ramming it in Peter’s face. Peter jerked to one side. A bullet whistled past his ear.

Spider thrashed wildly as Peter gave the wire another twist. Suddenly, the wire snapped—its brittle surface strained beyond its strength. Peter’s heart plummeted. He grabbed at Spider’s neck with his bare hands, but missed. Swinging on his heel, Spider pointed his gun at Laura.

Time froze.


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blue eye
I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement! I hope you enjoy reading Time Trap just as much as I enjoyed creating it! I also want to thank our precious Lord. I wrote Time Trap during a seven-year period of extreme illness and quarantine. During those difficult years, God taught me that Romans 8:28 isn’t just a “nice idea”–it’s a reality.


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