The Dragonfly

blue dragonfly 1Dear Friends,

As you know, I was ill for many years with chemical sensitivity. My condition was so serious that I was quarantined in my home for seven years. By my second year of quarantine, I didn’t know how I was going to continue. I didn’t know why God had let me live if I was just going to be ill and isolated. My questions boiled up inside until I came to a breaking point. At that time, I was only able to go outside the house if there weren’t any running cars or lawnmowers or tractors around–and as long as no one was burning ditches or spraying crops. The conditions were right, so I cut across the fields and walked to an isolated lake behind the house. I sat down on the bank and watched the dragonflies darting over the water. When I was little, I used to try to catch dragonflies, but they were always too quick for me. As I sat and watched them that day, I felt desperation rising up in my soul. I cried out to God, “Is this all there is? Will things ever get better? Do you you even know what’s happening? Do you even care? Are you even there?”

ReflectionAs I watched the dragonflies, I prayed, “Lord, if you love me–if things are going to be okay–make a dragonfly land on my finger.” I sat and waited, but nothing happened. Eventually, I walked back to the house feeling foolish. I thought about the verses telling us not to put God to the test, and the verses about faith being the evidence of things not seen. I tried to convince myself that I was all right, but truthfully, I wasn’t. I had desperately needed that sign–and it hadn’t come.

dragonfly 2The next day, conditions were right again (no running lawn mowers–etc) so I ventured out into the yard. As I walked by a bush, I saw something blue. I went closer and realized it was a giant dragonfly. I had never seen one so big. It’s wing span was at least five inches wide. I expected it to dart away when I approached, but it didn’t. It was hanging upside down, and it looked dead. I reached out to nudge it, and it climbed onto my finger. I’ve never been more shocked. I pulled my hand back with the dragonfly clinging to my finger, and I remembered my prayer from the day before. A wave of overwhelming gratitude washed over me. This was the sign I had prayed for–the sign I so desperately needed. I went over and sat on the steps and looked at the dragonfly. It was stunning. I studied it’s huge wings and bright blue body. I expected it to fly away any second, but it clung to my finger like it was glued in place.

dragonfly eye 2I brought the dragonfly up to my face and looked at its eyes. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. A dragonfly’s eye isn’t dead-looking–it looks like swirling liquid. If you’ve ever seen a rainbow in a puddle of gasoline–that’s what a dragonfly’s eye looks like. It swirls and shimmers with purple and blue tints. It’s breathtaking. I sat there for several minutes looking at the dragonfly–enjoying its beauty–and then I said, “Lord, if you really sent this dragonfly to tell me that you love me and that everything’s going to be okay, you can let it go now.” Immediately, the dragonfly flew off my finger and zipped over the roof of the house.

dragonfly flower 1After that day, I endured five more years of quarantine, but they weren’t as hard as the first two. You ask me how I got through my illness and quarantine, and the truth is that I looked into the eye of a dragonfly and knew that I was loved.

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  1. Oh the goodness, the mercy, and the love of God! You are blessed among women, my sweet friend. But until we come to the end of ourselves, we can’t see the beginning of Him. And to think, we will have eternity to gaze into the eyes of our Savior…”the Man who Died for Me.” The Man who created those awesome eyes of all dragonflies. “The Man who suffered, bled, and died for me”…for you…for all who believe!

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    1. Dear DiAne, thank you so much for your lovely comment! When I read it, I felt praise for our Lord rising in my heart. God is so awesome and loving and caring. He knows exactly what we need–and along the way, He gives us such sweet, little messages of love. It is amazing to think that the God who created the universe cares about our lives and our feelings. God is truly awesome! I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for commenting! ❤


  2. Hope in the storm blog

    What a wonderful answer to prayer Danele. God gave you such a beautiful answer, not just any dragonfly but a king amongst the dragonflies. Yes we are so important to Him and He loves you very much. He has certainly used your time of isolation to bring God to others in a humble and understanding way. God bless you.

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    1. Your lovely comment touched me deeply, Margaret! Thank you! I love how important we are to God. I love how He takes the time to show us how much He cares. Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging words. And thank you for your blessing. I hope you have a wonderful day. ❤

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