Love Is A Slice Of Buttered Toast

buttered toastWhen I was in quarantine, I thought quite a bit about love—after all, I write romantic suspense novels. But after years of theoretical flights of fancy, I’ve come to the conclusion that real love expresses itself best in a piece of buttered toast.

During my quarantined years, my parents voluntarily lived a “quarantine-safe” lifestyle so they could be near me. They avoided all perfumed products, hairsprays, fancy shampoos, and lotions, and they used only the soap and detergent I could tolerate. My chemical intolerances were so acute that if someone who wore perfume brushed up against my parents, and then my mom or dad came near me, I became extremely ill. That meant that if my parents had been around other people, they would have to change in the garage, put on a robe, and shower before they could approach me. The hoops my parents jumped through were extreme, and they did it out of love.

That brings me back to the slice of buttered toast. You see, whenever I would have breakfast with my father, he always made sure that when the toast was ready, he would butter my toast before he buttered his. He knew that I liked my butter melted on hot bread, and he made sure that as I bustled around the kitchen, my toast was prepared just the way I liked it. Dad buttered my toast out of love.

shop windowDuring my quarantine, my mother knew that one of the things I missed the most was shopping. I hated being unable to enter stores. On the rare days when I could get out of the house, she would drive me to a small town (large towns had too much car exhaust) and then she would park in front of a store so I could “window shop.” From inside the car, I would feast my eyes at the trinkets and bobbles in the window display. My mother’s willingness to “take me shopping” was another act of unselfish love. She’s terrific.

My family also rallied around me. They knew I couldn’t attend family gatherings, so many times, they would go to my house and stand outside my window and talk with me through the glass. They would lift their babies up so I could tap the glass and coo at them. They would stand in a flowerbed, hold their phones to the glass, and show me videos of their children’s special events. They made sure that as the years slipped by, their kids knew they had an “auntie” who loved them. They deliberately kept my place in the family open for me so that when I was finally able to leave quarantine, I still felt like I fit in. To me, that’s love.

hand heart 1Love comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be thought of as moonlit balcony scenes and romantic strolls on the beach. But after seven years of separation from society, I’ve come to the conclusion that love expresses itself best in the small things. To me, love is a slice of buttered toast.

Love each other just as much as I love you.” John 13:34b (words of Jesus)


8 thoughts on “Love Is A Slice Of Buttered Toast

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post, Margaret! My family was such a blessing to me. The hoops they had to jump through to keep me involved in their lives were extreme. My family taught me so much about true love and patience. I will never be able to repay them. They were wonderful.


    1. Hello, Cherrilynn!!! Quarantine was difficult, but I’ve learned that adaptability to any situation is possible with God’s help. I couldn’t have done it without Him. I still have some health issues. And I have to be careful around some chemicals. But I am getting better every day, and I can envision a future that is free from all health restraints. I know it is just around the corner. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you so much for your prayers. I REALLY appreciate them!! ❤


    1. You’re welcome, Gloria!!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post. I wanted to write a tribute to my family. They’ve been so awesome throughout my struggles. I really love them! I hope you have a terrific day! Thank you for commenting! 🙂


  1. And that’s what family’s all about…loving each other. Christian artist, Lynn DeShazo, expresses this in the words of a song she wrote. She talks about in that day standing before Jesus and He asks each one of us, “Have you learned to love?” And, Danele, your family, with one voice, will whisper…”Yes, Lord. We’ve learned to love.”

    The gift of God’s blessing through tragic and difficult times in life. ❤

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment, DiAne. It really meant a lot to me. Love is so wonderful, and when it is expressed in an unselfish and tireless way, it is priceless. My family has been so terrific! I really appreciate them, and I appreciate you! I hope you have a great day!


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