Gay N. Lewis–Author Interview

1 Gay Lewis

Dear Friends, I’m delighted to introduce you to Gay N. Lewis. Gay is such a special lady! When I joined Prism Book Group she surrounded me with love and support, and there have been many times when she’s stood with me in prayer. Gay is a pastor’s wife from Texas, and she is EXTREMELY talented. She has produced movies, worked in interior design, been a portrait photographer, is an active speaker, teaches a Bible study, leads worship, plays the piano—the list goes on and on! Gay is also a talented writer. She has published faith features for various church periodicals, and she has also written a book series about Sarah, a clumsy angel who helps humans while undergoing a perpetual stream of humorous accidents and bumbles. Friends, it’s such an honor to have Gay on my blog!

Danele: Gay, I’m so glad you’re able to talk with us! This is such an honor!

Gay: Thanks, Danele, I’m happy to be here. You have been a real inspiration to me. The situations you’ve been in would make most people crumble, but you set an example in fortitude and faith.

Danele: Wow! Thank you, Gay! That’s so nice of you to say! God’s strength is what got me through. If I hadn’t had God by my side, I would’ve given up a long time ago. My illness taught me the importance of trusting God. Have you had a situation in your life when you needed to totally rely on God?

Gay: I sure have. As a young mother, I developed a major infection and spent almost six weeks in a hospital. During that time, I had five surgeries and ten pints of blood. The body only holds six to eight, so I had more replaced than I owned. I spent four days in ICU, and was transferred to another special hospital. I reminded my doctor that I had three girls at home who needed me. I knew Paul could get another wife, but my daughters wouldn’t have me as a mom, and they needed ME! It was scary and the physical pain was horrendous at times, but through it, God was with me. I had times when I doubted He would heal me, and those uncertainties caused emotional turmoil.

Danele: What an experience! I’m so glad you’re okay. And I agree about uncertainty causing emotional turmoil. The uncertainty about my illness was terribly hard to handle. Have you ever dealt with a chronic illness?

Gay: My blood pressure and I go round and round these days. My doctor says I’m a challenge. My sweet hubby agrees. (Giggle. Giggle.) I’m learning to dodge stress and avoid salt, but most of all, I’m learning to trust God with this problem.

Danele: Learning to trust God is such a difficult lesson to learn—believe me, I know. Trust is something I really struggle with at times. Is there another area in your life where God is teaching you?

Gay: Dealing with the loss of a loved one. I’m learning in that area too.  My daughter’s husband passed away in September, 2015. She is devastated and we are helping her with decisions. The months have been overwhelming for all of us. I have days when I think I’ll never see the end of the tunnel. The legal issues are unfathomable, and I have stacks of documents in my office that are growing.  I’ve learned from this mess that people should prepare for their own death—not only by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior, but also by taking care of earthly business. Organize documents, finalize details as much as possible, gather insurance policies, make sure banking can be done by someone, etc. I could go on and on.

Danele: Oh, Gay! I’m so sorry. Dealing with the death of someone you love, and handling the aftermath, is so hard. I will be praying for you and your family. There are so many people hurting in this world—what would you like to say to them?

Gay: I would say that God heals in two ways. 1. A miracle. 2. Time. If He doesn’t give the miracle, He gives time. Trust Him. This too will pass.

Danele: Those are very wise words! It’s sometimes hard to understand why things happen the way that they do. When I get to heaven, I’m looking forward to finally understanding some of the things that have puzzled me. Of course, I suppose that when I do get to heaven, getting answers will probably be the last thing on my mind.

Gay: Isn’t that the truth! When I get to heaven, the first thing I’m going to do is thank Jesus for His goodness, mercy, and forgiveness. I’d like to wash His feet with tears and dry them with my long hair—like Mary, Martha’s sister did back in Bible days—but of course, I won’t be able to do that. Since there are no tears in heaven, I’ll praise Him for His great love.

Danele: I can’t wait to see Jesus! Can you imagine a worship service in heaven? Wow!!! In the meantime, is there a special “earthly” place where you feel the presence of God the most?

Gay: I love my Sunday morning preparation. I teach adults and put the finishing touches on my lesson early—very early. My Sunday begins about five o’clock. I like that time best because I’m forced to concentrate and have no interruptions.

Danele: I love my morning prayer sessions too. There’s something so special about starting the day basking in God’s presence! I usually pray in big brown chair in my basement. Is there a specific place where you like to pray?

Gay: I sit in my chair in the living room with a table full of books beside me. A hot cup of coffee is my silent companion. I use my iPhone to look up study questions.

Danele: Studying the Bible can be so fulfilling! Right now, I’m really diving into Psalms. Is there a specific Psalm that you really love?

Gay: I have many, but I really love Psalm 139. God tells us He knew us before we were formed. He also says in the passage that He knew the words we would say before we were born. Now that comforts me! Why? Because I open my mouth and say dumb stuff, but He chose to love me in spite of what I’d do and express. Isn’t that cool?

Danele: It really is, Gay! Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Psalm 91 and the protection that God promises to give us. It’s comforting to know that when we face scary things, we aren’t alone. Has God protected you from an accident or something scary?

Gay: The first year we lived in Houston, I had nine car wrecks. All were scary, but several gave me funny stories for my Sarah Series.

Danele: Nine accidents! Wow! I’m so glad you’re okay! I’ll agree that sometimes the scary things can give us funny stories later. I love God’s sense of humor. Has God ever revealed Himself to you in a humorous way?

Gay: I’m thankful for an acute sense of humor. I know God has one too, because I almost hear Him laughing with me on a daily basis. Sometimes I look up and say to Him, “Have you thought about that?” Then I’ll cackle and say, “Just kidding.”  Of course He’s considered it—maybe invented it. I rounded a bend once while driving in the Canadian Rockies and the scene was breathtaking. I said, “Father! Have you seen this?” And then we both laughed.

Danele: Oh, Gay! You just made me smile! I have such a blast talking with you! Now, here’s a silly question. If you could be a Bible character, which one would you choose NOT to be?

Gay: I wouldn’t want to be Mary’s sister, Martha. I can’t cook. Can you imagine the expertise it took to organize a big food gathering for Jesus and a bunch of apostles? Nope, I wouldn’t be Martha.

Danele: Oh! You just made me laugh! Thanks for the chuckle! Now, here’s a serious question for you. Why do you think it’s important to go to church?

Gay: Jesus gave Himself for it. That’s reason enough, but I love the singing, preaching, and fellowship. It’s good for the soul.

Danele: Church is pretty special, isn’t it? Some of my fondest memories have been made inside the walls of a church. My parents made sure that church was a central part of our lives, and I gave my heart to Christ at an early age. Can you tell us the circumstances surrounding your decision to invite Christ to be your Savior?

Gay: I was six years old and attending a church with my parents. I confess to dilly-dallying through the service, but when the decision time came, the tug on my heart was real. Music has always been part of my being, and I remember we were singing the hymn. “Almost Persuaded…Now to Believe.” Without a word to my parents, I walked the aisle and gave my life to Christ.

Danele: That’s beautiful, Gay! Now, before I let you go, I’d love for you to tell us about your writing. I know you’ve written several “Sarah” books. Can you list them for us?

Gay: Sure! Sarah: A Mission of Love, Sarah: Laney’s Angel, Sarah and the Widow’s Mate, Sarah and the Internet Dating Service, Sarah and the Scary Ferris Wheel, Sarah and a Dad for Mandy, Sarah and Three Times A Charm, Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island, and Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie.

Danele: I’ve read several of the “Sarah” books, and they’ve kept me rolling. Your klutzy, kindhearted angel is SO much fun. I’d love for you to tell us about your latest Sarah book. Can you share the back cover blurb and a purchasing link?

Gay: It would be my pleasure! Here’s the blurb for Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie: Merciful heavens! Getting acquainted with adult teachers in a high school is one challenge, but hang with the kids too? Sarah, heaven’s little love angel—known for bungles, has dealt with children and enjoyed them, but teenagers? My stars! They are a different ballgame. She doesn’t understand their jargon, clothes or hairdos. And mood swings? Forget it. She knew nothing about them—nada —zippo. She’d seen and heard them from above—even wondered at times why they existed on the same planet as adults. They were unique and interesting, but to mingle with them? Not a chance would she choose to do so—well, not until her latest assignment. Why would the Superiors send a bumbling angel like her to help a shy teenager find a date for a high school prom? Poopty doopty! A nightmare is about to happen.

Danele: Gay, it’s been so much fun talking with you! Thank you for being on my blog!

Gay: My pleasure! You asked questions that made me think, chuckle, and even look up Scripture.  Good job! I appreciate your attention to detail and your love for our Lord.


Friends, Gay Lewis is such a WONDERFUL person, and her “Sarah” books are so much fun. If you would like to learn more about Gay or her books, please follow the links below. I hope you have a wonderful day! and also on Twitter @GayNLewis2.

Sarah has her own Facebook page. Follow Sarah on Facebook@ Sarah Wingspand


15 thoughts on “Gay N. Lewis–Author Interview

  1. Joyce - Heartwings

    The fact that both Danele and Gay are my friends makes this interview extremely special to me and I received such blessings as I read through it. They both have amazing testimonies to share and are using their God-given talents to do exactly that.

    They are both hard at work for the benefit of the kingdom of God and as daughters of the King, they are such an inspiration to others. I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for the fact that all that you do is for God’s glory. j

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Danele and Gay,

    What an inspirational interview. I’m sorry for the illness in your and Gay’s lives, but am glad that you’re both doing fine now. It was great to learn a little more about Gay and her family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hearing that you liked the interview makes me happy, Gail! I’m glad that you enjoyed learning more about Gay–I did too! She’s an incredible person! I hope you have a lovely day! Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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