Dancing Sunshine

Lake water 1

Have you ever noticed how lake water changes color? Some days, it’s a sparkling blue—other’s it’s a dark, murky black that looks tortured and unfathomable. A while back, while I was taking a walk around Dragonfly Lake, I saw something amazing. The water had a horrible, black look to it, but then suddenly, the sun came out and things changed.

lake water 2What had appeared dark and ugly, suddenly sparkled. What had seemed uninviting and grim, now danced.

As I walked, I thought, “What a difference a little sunshine can make!

I had my camera with me that day, and I started taking pictures. As I photographed the dancing water, I began thinking about my life. My illness had been awful. And for a time, my whole outlook was gloomy and grim, but when I let Christ back into my heart, things changed. The “Son” transformed my gloomy outlook, and eventually my thoughts became sparkly and shiny. As I focused on the Lord, my perspective became one of joy. In a way, the waters of my life began to dance.

During quarantine, I learned that joy doesn’t depend on a change in circumstances—joy depends on a person’s willingness to draw closer to Christ. Allowing Jesus’s “Son”shine to surround us will change how we perceive our circumstances, and joy always follows.

lake water 3I was in quarantine for seven years. The first of those years were miserable–the last were full of joy. The only thing that changed was my relationship with God and my attitude. I know how to throw myself a big pity party, and I know how to push depressing thoughts aside and smile in spite of pain. And believe me, having a good attitude is much nicer in the long run. Feeling miserable takes so much energy, and it is so disheartening. I can remember feeling like I was in a slippery black pit, and I’ve learned that the only way out of the pit is by praying when you feel so far away from God that you don’t think He can hear, focusing on happy thoughts rather than sad ones, smiling when your heart is breaking, laughing even when there is nothing funny happening, and singing when you would rather sob. Each of those acts are acts of faith that can usher in a miraculous change.

I’m not sure what you’re facing today. Your situation may seem horrible. It may seem messy, gloomy, hurtful, unchangeable, and hopeless—but hold tight. Keep the faith. Invite the “Son” to shine through your gloom, and just wait and see what sparkly changes start to happen. Your circumstances may not change immediately, but your outlook will undergo a dazzling transformation.


lake water 4“Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12




10 thoughts on “Dancing Sunshine

  1. My oh my! Our thoughts are dancing along the same wave length today, sweet friend. Yesterday I drove back from Longview, Texas, along the I20 corridor. The country rolls ’til you get near Dallas and the morning was glorious. The ponds and lakes along the way shimmered a deep azure blue, reflecting the gorgeous color of the sky and sun mix. And I thought, as God’s creation reflects His glory…that’s our assignment too…reflecting the glory of our gracious Father in Heaven! Praise His Holy Name! Great post and pictures. ❤

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