Paula Mowery–Author Interview

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Dear Friends,

Today, it’s my ABSOLUTE HONOR to introduce you to Paula Mowery. Paula is such a special person to me. She’s been a beacon of light and a true friend. She has helped me in so many ways. As you know, my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity prevents me from attending church because too many people wear perfume during services. Not being able to go to church has been one of the hardest parts of my illness. When I met Paula through Prism Book Group, we started chatting online. She told me that she was a pastor’s wife, and she invited me to attend her church’s online services. When Paula mentioned online services, I felt like she was throwing me a life preserver. I can’t begin to explain the joy I felt at being able to attend church again. Since that wonderful day, I’ve been faithfully “attending” church with Paula every Sunday. She is such a gem, and she has blessed my life over and over!

Danele: Welcome, Paula! I’m so glad that you are able to be with us today!

Paula: Thanks for hosting me, Danele. I’m so glad God brought us together. I feel like we’re friends, even though we’ve never met face to face. I’m telling you, someday I’m still hoping God will allow us to make that pastoral visit since you feel like such a part of my church family.

Danele: Oh, Paula! I would DEARLY love that! You’ve been such a blessing to me. I can’t wait to introduce you to my readers! Can you please tell us the circumstances surrounding your decision to give your heart to Christ?

Paula: Sure! When I was eleven years old, my church had a revival. I remember one night after the services as my mother drove home, I told her that I felt it was time for me to accept Christ and be baptized. Mine wasn’t a dramatic conversion because I had been brought up in a Christian home. I had always been taken to church, and I knew about Jesus from an early age. But I feel that I didn’t make it really personal until my high school years when I attended some youth rallies and also served as a counselor at a Christian camp. That was when I realized that it was more about building a relationship with God than just knowing about Him. I began to study the Bible and consider what I believed and why I believed it.

Danele: That’s the way it was in my life too—a gradual deepening of faith. I love how God gently leads us deeper and deeper into a wonderful relationship with Him. After you fully came to Christ, can you describe a time when you dramatically felt the presence of God?

Paula: The Blessing Seer was the first book I had published. I have often said that I feel guilty that my name is the only one appearing on the cover as the author. God’s name should appear there as well. I remember going to bed one night, still contemplating a sermon illustration I had heard. Suddenly, I had to jump back up and write as fast as I could what God was “downloading” into my mind. It turned out to be the full outline for The Blessing Seer.

Danele: Wow! That’s so awesome! What a glorious experience! When I read it, I could tell that God had His hand on The Blessing Seer. I really enjoyed both The Blessing Seer and its sequel Be the Blessing! I could feel the presence of God when I read them. Both of those books have such beautiful messages—ones that I’ve tried to apply to my life. Can you tell us what was going through your mind when you wrote The Blessing Seer?

Paula: While I was writing the story, I was analyzing whether I was missing out on blessings God had for me because of disobedience or lack of focus upon Him. I also learned that I would have to stay close to God to receive and weave His truths into my stories. It’s like the runner in Chariots of Fire said, “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.” When I write, including His message, I feel His delight in me.

Danele: That’s so beautiful, Paula! And so true! Writing in a way that glorifies God feels absolutely wonderful! Would you like to tell us about God’s influence in any of your other books?

Paula: My most recent release is a Christian romantic suspense called For Our Good. There are a couple of messages that God led me to weave into this story. First, even though you face tragedy and loss in this life that doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you and still have a plan for you. God can bring good from even the worst situations. Second, our enemy delights in targeting the very people we might think are devoted Christians. We must always be on guard for him and stay focused on God and His plan for us.

Danele: Those are both wonderful points! Can you give us a list of the books you’ve written?

Paula: I’ve written several novels: The Blessing Seer, Be the Blessing, Forgiven (in Brave New Century anthology), Legacy and Love, For Our Good, Love Again, and The Crux of Honor.

Danele: I haven’t read all of your books yet, but I’ve read quite a few, and I can’t wait to read more! Before I let you go, is there anything that God’s speaking to your heart that you would like to share?

Paula: Currently, I feel a burden for moms and dads of young children. I’m afraid that many Christians have fallen into an apathetic, everything’s all right kind of attitude. Many feel their children will grasp their Christian beliefs without strong intentional effort. I shudder to say that we are losing many of our children to college professors who want nothing more than to steer our offspring away from God. Christians need to be more intentional about passing on a Godly legacy. This means we don’t just say we believe in God. We prove it to those we have influence over. We stay faithful to a Bible-teaching church. We study the Word and are diligent in prayer. We pass on these qualities that make for a strong Christian foundation.

Danele: Being intentional in how we portray our beliefs is so important. It’s so easy to forget that people are looking at us to see if our lives measure up to our declarations of faith. Thank you for the great reminder, Paula! I’m going to do my best to apply it to my life. I really appreciate the way you have opened your heart to us today. I’ve had a great time talking with you!

Paula: Thank you so much for allowing me to share with you and your readers. I pray we all stay attentive to God’s leading in our lives to share in whatever place and capacity He puts us.


Friends, Paula is such a delight! She’s a beautiful Christian woman who has a genuine love for the Lord. If you would like to learn more about her or her writing, please follow the links below.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!

You can follow Paula at Learn more about Paula at her blog at or enjoy her monthly columns on

The Blessing Seer:

For Our Good:


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    1. Hello, Lee! Learning more about Paula was lots of fun! She was a delight to interview. I hope that you really enjoy her books! “The Blessing Seer” is among my favorites! Thanks so much for commenting! 🙂 I hope you have a terrific day! 🙂


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