Index of Articles–Organized by Date

2017’s Articles:

12/31/17 Helping the Thief

9/21/17 Asking Again: Is God Really Real?

4/14/17 Love Expressed Spider-Style

4/6/17 Directionally Challenged

3/23/17 Amoebas and Big Boots

1/12/17–3/20/17 Time Search! Book Launch & 20-Stop Blog Tour!

1/5/17 Spring is Coming!

December 2016’s Articles:

12/29/16 The Stained Glass Catastrophe–Revisited

12/22/16 The Presence of God

12/15/16 Locket Greedy

12/8/16 Yanking a Dog’s Ears

12/1/16 Spinning Snowflakes

November 2016’s Articles:

11/24/16 An Encouraging Word

11/17/16 Like A Calf Let Out To Pasture

11/10/16 Stuttering and Speaking

11/3/16 Watch out for the Trophy Case of Death

October 2016’s Articles:

10/27/16 Fairy Wings and Forgiveness

10/20/16 Pest Control and Problems

10/13/16 Dancing in the Dark

10/6/16 “Snow Days” and Still Waters

September 2016’s Articles:

9/29/16 Lost in a Cornfield

9/22/16 Popcorn and a Truly Inspired Invention!

9/15/16 The Murky Ditch and FEAR!!!

9/8/16 Destroyed by Friendly Fire

9/1/16 Hailstorms and Humiliation

August 2016’s Articles:

8/25/16 Misunderstood—The Nutty Truth

8/18/16 Quiet Times

8/11/16 A Cow Named Horse

8/4/16 Slip ‘N Slide and Matters of Faith

July 2016’s Articles:

7/28/16 Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

7/21/16 Rats!! My Bulb Burned Out Again!

7/14/16 Roses and Thorns

7/7/16 Mountains, Molehills & Everything Between

June 2016’s Articles:

6/30/16 A Settled Mind

6/23/16 Finding Balance

6/17/16 The Wait is Finally Over!!! Time Trap Releases Today!!!

6/9/16 The Dragonfly

6/8/16 Time Trap is Available for Pre-order!!

6/2/16 Good Grief!!! There’s a Snake beneath my Desk!!!

May 2016’s Articles:

5/26/16 Please Don’t Make Me Dance Like a Chicken!!!

5/23/16 Book Cover Reveal for Time Trap!!!

5/19/16 Cinnamon Spaghetti and a Reason to Gag!

5/12/16 The Cranky Bathtub

5/5/16 The Devil Made Me Do It!

April 2016’s Articles:

4/28/16 When Dreams Delay

4/21/16 Love is a Slice of Buttered Toast

4/14/16 I Hate Mint!!!

4/7/16 Glorious Spring and Great News!

March 2016’s Articles:

3/31/16 Seeing Clearly

3/24/16 The Temptation Train

3/17/16 Easily Offended—Who, Me???

3/10/16 Love Remains

3/3/16 Learning to be Content

February 2016’s Articles:

2/25/16 Dancing Sunshine

2/18/16 YIKES!!! Is that a hole in your skirt???

2/11/16 Splat!!!

2/4/16 Clutter and True Peace

January 2016’s Articles: 

1/28/16 The Frosty Truth

1/21/16 The Uncharted Road

1/15/16 Happy Time Tsunami Days!

1/14/16 Crocus in the Snow

1/7/16 Monster Hunting

December 2015’s Articles: 

12/31/15 Milkweed Time—The Harvest Fairy Lives

12/30/15 My Interview on the Diamond Mine

12/24/15 I Don’t Care If It’s Christmas Eve—I’m Not Eating Boogers!

12/19/15 Time Tsunami-Available for Preorder

12/17/15 Lost But Not Lost

12/10/15 The Hurricane’s Eye

12/3/15 A Klutz, a Slide, and a Matter of Trust

November 2015’s Articles:

11/26/15 Holiday Misery

11/19/15 My Rotten Temper

11/12/15 The Kind Word

11/5/15 Stuck in the Mud…Again

October 2015’s Articles:

10/30/15 Stars and Yard Lights

10/22/15 Does Jesus Really Matter?

10/15/15 Embrace the Chaos

10/8/15 Is God Really Real?

10/1/15 The Stained Glass Catastrophe

September 2015’s Articles:

9/24/15 Ancient Ruins and a New Outlook

9/17/15 The Shower Curtain Spider

9/10/15 I’m Out of the Boat, but I’m Sinking Fast

9/7/15 A Tooth and an Unexpected Trip 

9/5/15 A Frog Named Fred

9/4/15 Impatience

9/3/15 Avoiding Eggs

9/2/15 Like Calves Let Out to Pasture

9/1/15 Turning Winter into Spring

August 2015’s Articles:

8/31/15 My Books

8/26/15 Welcome to dragonflydanele!

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