Index of Interviews and Reviews–Organized by Date

2017’s Interviews & Reviews:

9/18/2017 Susan Karsten–Christian Author

9/14/2017 Gay N. Lewis #2–Christian Author

2016’s Fall/Winter Interviews & Reviews:

12/19/16 Penelope Marzec #2–Christian Author

12/12/16 Lisa Lickel #3–Christian Author

12/5/16 Jan Elder #3–Christian Author

11/21/16 Deborah Piccurelli #2–Christian Author

11/7/16 Sharon McGregor #2–Christian Author

9/26/16 Jan Elder #2–Christian Author

2016’s Summer Interviews & Reviews:

8/29/16 Susan Baganz #2–Christian Author

8/15/16 Judith Rolfs–Christian Author

7/18/16 Carlene Havel #2–Christian Author

7/11/16 Renee Blare #2–Christian Author

6/27/16 Gail Pallotta #2–Christian Author

6/13 16 Mary Ball #2–Christian Author

2016’s Spring Interviews & Reviews:

5/30/16 Brooke Williams #2–Christian Author

5/16/16 Tracy Wainwright–Christian Author

5/2/16 Paula Mowery #2–Christian Author

4/25/16 Gail Pallotta–Christian Author

4/11/16 Gay N. Lewis–Christian Author

March 2016’s Interviews & Reviews:

3/28/16 Lisa Lickel #2–Christian Author

3/21/16 Emily Paige Skeen–Christian Author

3/14/16 Cheri Swalwell–Christian Author

3/7/16 Marcy G. Dyer–Christian Author

February 2016’s Interviews & Reviews:

2/29/16 Nancy Shew Bolton–Christian Author

2/22/16 Kimberly B. Jackson–Christian Author

2/15/16 Paula Mowery–Christian Author

2/8/16 Anita Klumpers #2–Christian Author

2/1/16 Carlene Havel–Christian Author

January 2016’s Interviews & Reviews:

1/25/16 Sharon McGregor–Christian Author

1/18/16 Gil and William—Character Interview

1/11/16 Danele Rotharmel–Christian Author

1/4/16 Susan M. Baganz–Christian Author

December 2015’s Interviews & Reviews:

12/28/15 Renee Blare–Christian Author

12/21/15 DiAne Gates–Christian Author

12/14/15 Anita Klumpers & Winter Watch–Review

12/7/15 Jan Elder–Christian Author

November 2015’s Interviews & Reviews:

11/30/15 Linda Shew Wolf–Christian Author

11/23/15 Lisa J. Lickel–Christian Author

11/16/15 Deborah Piccurelli–Christian Author

11/9/15 Jacqueline Hopper–Christian Author

11/2/15 Brooke Williams–Christian Author

October 2015’s Interviews & Reviews:

10/26/15 Angela Shaffer–Christian Author

10/19/15 Penelope Marzec–Christian Author

10/12/15 Mary L. Ball–Christian Author

10/5/15 Jewell Tweedt–Christian Author

September 2015’s Interviews & Reviews:

9/28/15 Anita Klumpers–Christian Author

9/21/15 Brushing Fire: Soul Poetry–Book Review

9/14/15 Victoria Pitts Caine–Christian Author



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