Gillyflower and William–Character Interviews


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Dear Friends,

Today, I’m going to do something different and interview Gil and William, characters from my new novel, Time Tsunami. Time Tsunami was released Friday, January 15th in a very successful book launch. I’m very grateful to all of my family and friends for their efforts in promoting my book! I really appreciate you all!

* * *

Danele: Hello, Gil and William! It’s so nice to have you with us today. Did you enjoy your flight from Washington D.C.?

Gil: (Laughing) We didn’t fly, we used a Wave Trapper portal. You see, I was running late, and Doc decided that—

blue electricWilliam: Gil! You know the rules! You aren’t supposed to discuss Wave Trappers with unauthorized personnel.

Gil: (Snorting) Unauthorized? Danele thought the trappers up. She knows all about them! Quit going all professorish on me! There’s nothing wrong with talking about—

William: I’m not worried about her, but other people are reading this interview. You shouldn’t—

Gil: (Rolling her eyes) Stop being so stuffy. You sound just like Dr. Moosly.

Danele: I’m sorry to cut in, but I do have a schedule to keep. You brought up Dr. Moosly. What did he have to say when you told him you were being interviewed?

Gil: (Groaning) What didn’t he say? For Pete’s sake, he practically blew his top. He was still quoting passages from the Fifth Edition of TEMCO’s Code of Conduct when we went through the portal. I thought he was gonna have a stroke. He’s threatening to report us when we get back. Doc will be lucky to have a job if ol’ Moosly has anything to say about it.

Danele: I’m sorry I created trouble for you. Should we cut things short?

William: I don’t see why. I can handle Dr. Moosly.

Danele: In that case, why don’t you two introduce yourselves. Tell my readers who you are and what part you play in the Temporal Counseling Program.

Gil: (Leaning forward in her chair) Shall I go first? I’d like to go first.

William: Could I stop you if I tried?

Gil: (Eyes twinkling) You’d have to try pretty hard, and I still don’t think you could do it.

William: (Chuckling) I don’t think I could either. Go right ahead—ladies first.

blue spiral waveGil: (Waving) Hi, everyone! I’m Gil Montgomery, and—

William: Shouldn’t you tell them your full name?

Gil: (Huffing and flipping her hair over her shoulder) I don’t see why! Just because my parents saddled me with a silly name doesn’t mean I have to share it! Danele’s readers don’t need to know it! No one does!

William: (Laughing) Gil’s full name is—

Gil: Hush! I mean it, you cheeseball! It’s no one’s business what—

Danele: (Loudly clearing her throat) Gil, can you explain what the TEMCO program does?

Gil: (Shifting in her chair and glaring at William) I can try, but only if the doc will stop interrupting me! I’ve never met a more infuriating man!

Danele: I’ll make him behave. Go on, Gil. Tell everyone who you are and what you do.

Gil: I’m a graduate student earning my master’s degree through NSU’s Temporal Counseling Program. TEMCO exists to train time-traveling cadets. Our job is to intervene in the lives of troubled individuals before they embark on a career of crime.

Danele: So basically, you go back through time and counsel people before they become criminals?

floating clocksGil: (Nodding) It’s super-exciting! We go back and straighten people out when they’re young—you know—before they embark on a wicked road. Through our efforts, crime rates are down all across the nation. You see, if you go back and help a bad person become good—that act ripples through time creating tons of good side effects. Victims aren’t victimized, crimes never happen, death-row inmates transform overnight into scientists, pastors, teachers—you name it. Society is better all the way around because of our efforts. I love the TEMCO program! I can’t wait to be put on staff…at least…I hope to be put on staff. (Gulping) I have to pass another test first.

Danele: You’re talking about the field exam, right?

Gil: (Nodding and grimacing) I’m so excited—and a bit freaked out. You see, I’m a senior cadet, and I have to do well on the final field exam in order to earn my Time-Counselor License. If I don’t earn it, I haven’t a chance of being put on TEMCO’s staff.

Danele: Do you think the field exam will be hard?

Gil: Hard? It’s gonna be murder! But it will also be incredibly fulfilling.

Danele: Can you explain what the field exam entails?

Gil: I’m going to be traveling twenty-four years into the past to counsel ten-year-old Danny Winston. Danny is a wonderful kid, but he’s about to make a dreadful mistake—a mistake that will launch his career of crime and lead to his eventual execution on death row. If I can get through to him, I’ll be able to help him change his future. I just hope I can do it! I’m a little nervous.

William: Gil, you’re going to do a great job with Danny!

Gil: (Chewing her lip) I sure hope so!

Danele: Now, William, can you explain your role in all this? What part do you play at TEMCO?

UniversityWilliam: I’m a college professor. I teach several classes on campus.

Gil: (Snorting) Classes? They’re more like hours of enforced torture. Your last final nearly fried my brains.

William: (Smiling) Watch it!

Danele: How do you and Gil know each other?

William: I’m her advisor, and she’s my teacher’s assistant. We’ve been working together for a long time. Actually, we’ve known each other for years. We’ve become good friends.

Gil: (Raising an eyebrow) Friends?

William: (Averting his eyes) Friends.

Gil: (Snorting) You know, Doc, you could ask me out. Its not against the rules, and I don’t think a Time Tsunami would occur if we ate a slice of pizza together.

William: This isn’t the time or the place for that discussion.

Danele: (Clearing her throat) I’ve heard that some assignments can be dangerous. Is your counseling assignment going to be dangerous, Gil?

Dark clockGil: (Shrugging) I don’t see why. Danny is only a ten-year-old kid. I can’t see what type of trouble I can get into, but if trouble crops up, I’m prepared to see things through.

Danele: Even if it means putting yourself in harm’s way?

Gil: Even then. I knew the risks when I signed up for the TEMCO program. I want to make a difference in this world. I’m not a quitter.

Danele: So, when will you be taking your field exam?

Gil: (Laughing) That depends entirely on the person reading this interview. My field exam will begin as soon as they reach the 6th chapter of Time Tsunami. I hope they decide to read the book soon—anticipation is practically killing me! The butterflies in my stomach are going crazy!! I can’t wait to see if I earn my Time-Counselor’s License!

Danele: (Smiling) Both you and William are Christians. Is there anything you’d like to tell my readers about God?

Gil: I’d tell them that God is able to give you the courage you lack. He can make you strong when you feel weak. He can lift you up when you fall down. And He can give you wisdom when you need it.

Danele: What about you, William? What would you like to say about God?

William: (Hesitating) God is faithful. I’m counting on the fact that He answers prayer.

Danele: (Nodding) Those are all good points. Well, I suppose I’d better let you two get back to NSU. I’m so glad you stopped by to talk with us.

Gil: (Laughing) I’m glad you invited us. In fact, I’m awfully glad you created us! I’m having a blast living out my adventures!

William: (Smiling) That goes for me too—although I might have put it in less “gushy” terms.

Gil: (Huffing) I don’t gush! I explain vigorously. There’s a difference!

William: (Laughing) If you say so. Come on, Gil, let’s head back to campus.

* * *

If you would like to ask Gil or William a question, simply leave a comment, and they will get back to you! 

* * *

Time TsunamiFriends, I had so much fun “interviewing” my characters today. I hope you come to love Gil and William just as much as I have! If you would like to read about their adventures, pick up a copy of Time Tsunami today. I hope you have a wonderful week! And thanks again for all of your prayers and support.


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13 thoughts on “Gillyflower and William–Character Interviews

    1. Gil: (Laughing) No one has yet, but I think it’s pretty cute!!! (Glancing slyly at William) I think we should get T-shirts printed up. “Gil and Will,” I like that!!!

      William: (Smiling and shaking his head) You can order the T-shirts, but I don’t promise to wear one.

      Gil: Don’t be such a spoilsport. (Smirking) I bet I could persuade you!!

      William: (Clearing his throat) Anita, thank you for your comment–even if you did give Gil a ghastly idea. If she has her way, we’ll be wearing “Gil & Will” matching shirts before long.

      Gil: (Laughing) You bet you will!! In fact, I’ve just ordered them with my phone. They’re gonna be pink with gold script and purple hearts. I asked for priority delivery. You’re gonna look sooooo cute!!

      William: (Groaning) Oh, Anita! You’ve created a monster.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. William: (Nodding vigorously) Danele has quite a reputation around TEMCO as being a little wacky. We never know what’s going to happen next when she sits down at the computer.

      Gil: (Peeking her head in the door) Hey, did I miss anything? I had to step out for a while.

      William: (Smiling) Anita just popped in again–she says Danele is a goofball.

      Gil: (Laughing and sitting down) That’s an understatement!!

      Crystal: (Stepping inside the door) Hi, guys! I heard there’s a party going on in here.

      Gil: There sure is! We’re talking to readers of Time Tsunami. Do you want to say anything?

      Crystal: (Tripping over a chair and blushing) Can I?

      Gil: (Shrugging) I don’t see why not? We’re making up the rules as we go along.

      Crystal: (Blushing harder) In that case, I just want to clear something up. I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON MARC!!! I wasn’t staring at him during the football game because he’s good looking, I was simply trying to study the muscular development of his physique. He’s an excellent physical specimen, and I just happen to be interested in human anatomy. I believe that any serious student should have a well rounded approach to academia.

      William: (Lips twitching) Look behind you, Cris. Someone just came into the lab.

      Crystal:(Blinking and slowly turning around) Hi, Marc… When did you get here?

      Marc: Just in time to hear something about a football game. Care to elaborate?

      Crystal: (Huffing and leaving the lab) Not on your life!

      Gil: (Lips twitching) Hey, Marc, do you want to say anything to your fans?

      Marc: (Wincing and tugging at his collar) Just this–I’m not as stuck up as I appear to be sometimes, I promise. I’ve just rededicated my heart to the Lord, and I mess up a lot. But I’m trying to get things right.

      Gil: So what’s going on between you and Cris? I think that–

      William: (Loudly clearing his throat) Sorry, Anita! It appears we’ve gotten off topic.

      Marc: What was the topic?

      William: Anita thinks that Danele is wacky.

      Marc: (Laughing) Can we agree, or would that be dangerous? If we agree, would Danele take revenge on us by making us do something awful? Like eat snails on our pizza??

      Danele: Hey, Marc!! I love that idea. Just wait until Book 4–one snail pizza coming up!!

      Marc: (Jumping and groaning loudly) Me and my big mouth!!!!


  1. Crystal: (Peeking cautiously into the lab) Psssst!!! Gil!!! Is Marc still there, or has he gone?

    Gil: (Wincing) Shhh!!

    Marc: (Clearing his throat and grinning) Did you need something, Cris?

    * Lab door slams *


  2. Gil: (Waving) Hi, Joellen!! It’s nice to have a chance to talk with you. To answer your question, some people are afraid of danger on a field exam, but I’m more afraid of messing up and making my case subject’s life worse.

    William: You’re going to do fine, Gil! I have faith in you. You’ve trained hard, and you’re ready for the field exam.

    Gil: (Biting her lip) I sure hope so! I want to make a difference in Danny’s life! I don’t want him to end up on death row. I want him to have a chance… There are just so many things that can go wrong.

    William: You’ll do terrific. Trust your training. The manuals you studied should help with any strange circumstances you may encounter.

    Gil: (Shifting in her chair and looking uncomfortable) Where’s Crystal? Joellen wanted to ask her a question too.

    William: (Standing up and opening the door) I’ll see if she’s in the main office. Director Matthews said he had meeting with her today. Something about some formulas and equations she wanted to show him. Give me a minute. Excuse me, please.

    Gil: (Puffing out her cheeks and taking a deep breath) While he’s out of the room, I might as well confess, Joellen, that I didn’t study all of the manuals. I mean, for Pete’s sake! Those monsters were so thick it would’ve taken me for-EVER to read them! I don’t think it will be a problem. I aced my oral exams… Just don’t tell William, okay? He’s kinda picky about those things….Shhhhh!!! I hear him coming…

    William: (Holding the door open for Crystal) Joellen has a question for you, Cris.

    Crystal: (Sitting down) Marc’s not here?

    Gil: (Shaking her head) He had an appointment across campus. (Grinning) Speaking of Marc, Joellen wants to know if you’re ever going to admit that you like him.

    Crystal: (Sputtering) You took me out of a meeting with the director to have me answer that?

    Gil: (Eyes twinkling) Don’t kill the messenger.

    Crystal: (Blushing wildly and springing to her feet) Well, I’m not going to answer! This is a public blog, and anyone could read what I say–ANYONE.

    Gil: By anyone, do you mean Marc?

    Crystal: (Huffing) He may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but he does know how to turn on a computer. Besides, that question is awfully personal. If Joellen wants to know if Marc and I get together, she’ll just have to read The Time Counselor Chronicles. (Stumbling over a chair and heading out the door) I have to go. I need to get back to the main office.

    Gil: (Laughing) Sorry, Joellen! I’m afraid that no one can make Crystal do something she doesn’t want to do. (Smiling) I was hoping she’d talk to you, though. I’ll admit that I’m awfully curious about her relationship with Marc too.


  3. Amy Huang

    That was so much fun to read about your characters. What a neat idea! I hope you will interview more characters from your book in upcoming blog posts! I can’t wait to read this book!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danele: Hello, Amy!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading about my characters! It’s been a blast talking with Gil and William!

      Ryan: Hey, what about the rest of us? I have a few moments between classes, and I’d love to get in on the action.

      Danele: (Laughing) Sorry, Ryan. I didn’t mean to be rude. In order to make it up to you, how about if I announce to everyone that you’re the best woodcarver EVER!

      Ryan: (Chuckling) Thanks! You’re forgiven.

      Danele: Ryan, is there anything you’d like to say to Amy?

      Ryan: Sure! Amy, I’m glad you enjoy this type of format. It’s fun for us too! (Grinning) It makes me feel like a celebrity!! (Turning in his chair) Danele, do you think you’ll ever do this type of interview again?

      Danele: I’m having such a good time, that I’ll have to!

      Gil: Hi, Amy! I’m so glad that you’re planning on reading Time Tsunami! I hope you really enjoy my adventures–

      William: (Raising his eyebrow) YOUR adventures? What about the rest of us?

      Gil: (Rolling her eyes) OUR adventures, how’s that? Now, stop interrupting me. I have something VERY important to say to Amy.

      William: (Smiling) Go right ahead.

      Gil: Amy, when you get a copy of Time Tsunami, I want you to take a peek on page 433.

      Danele: Do that, Amy!! I hope you have a great day! Thank you so much for commenting!


    1. Gil: Hello, Renette!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Time Tsunami!!! That makes me very happy!

      William: Me too!

      Danny: Me three!!! I’m here all the way from Charlesberg, and I want to say hi!! Hi, Renette!!!

      Gil: (Tousling Danny’s hair) Wisecracker!! (Smiling) Do you want to tell Renette our big news?

      Danny: Can I?

      William: Go right ahead!

      Danny: Renette, we just got the news this morning! The second book in The Time Counselor Chronicles is–

      Gil: You should tell her the name of the book.

      Danny: (Blinking) Say what?

      Gil: Tell her the title of Book Two.

      Danny: It’s Time Trap. (Grinning) Can I tell Renette our news now?

      Gil: You bet! Nothing’s stopping you.

      Danny: Time Trap is going to be coming out–

      Gil: What? No drum roll?

      Danny: (Rolling his eyes) Cut it out, Gil!

      Gil: (Laughing) Sorry, Danny. Go ahead.

      Danny: Time Trap is–

      Gil: If you don’t have a drum, I could pound my pencil on the table really fast.

      Danny: Gil!! (Turning to William) Can you help me out?

      William: (Chuckling and putting his hand over Gil’s mouth) Go ahead, Danny.

      Danny: Time Trap is going to be coming out this summer!

      Gil: (Removing William’s hand and grinning widely) We’re all walking on cloud nine!


  4. Renette Steele

    Thanks for the wonderfully fun answer!!! i will be looking forward to book two!!! until then take good care of each other and that super (weird, crazy) delightful Danele!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gil: (Grinning) Will do, Renette!!! Thanks!

      Marc: (Grumbling) How come Renette was able to call Danele crazy and weird, but when I did, Danele threatened me with snail pizza?

      Crystal: (Rolling her eyes) Renette also called Danele delightful! You need to read the entire comment, not just part of it. Renette was being complimentary and nice. She was–

      Marc: Oh, for Pete’s sake! I don’t need a lecture.

      Crystal: (Huffing) Then why did you ask? You need to–

      William: Renette, we hope you have a wonderful day!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!


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